Zing is one of a select group of industry suppliers, distributors and service providers who participate in PromoStandards to help reduce process inefficiency.  

All Zing PromoStandards endpoints are listed at the following link: 

Current Data Feeds

Zing currently provides data feeds for:
  • Inventory
  • Media Content
  • Order Shipment Notifications
  • Order Status
  • Product Data
  • Product Pricing and Configuration
  • Purchase Order

Request Credentials Now

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Integration can save you upwards of $10/order when you consider the amount of time it takes to enter a PO and do all the post-order follow-up. Multiply that effort by the number of hard good orders you place each year, and the savings are tremendous.

That’s why Zing offers direct integration with your webstore and your order system.  See below for a full list of webstore and integration partners Zing has team up with.  

If you have a custom integrations or webstore project you'd like to work on, contact the Zing Sales Team to discuss.

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